5 Free Blog Ideas for Your Salon

A blog offers a permanent platform to communicate with your clients, build out resources (while saving them for reference) and share valuable knowledge from your business experience. It has the potential to be an important part of your salon’s website. Use your blog to share news, event info, and show off as the expert you are. Here are some ideas to get your salon’s blog started:


Commonly asked questions about _______

Example: 4 things you need to know about coloring your hair for the first time

Why it works: Lists are easy to read and attract attention from clients and newbies alike. What are your clients asking you about on a regular basis? Chances are, they’re not the only ones who have those questions. Beat them to the punch by answering them on your blog before they’re even in your salon.


Why I can’t live without _______

Example: 3 essential hair products in my suitcase for a weekend away

Why it works: You get to give your opinion, which everyone secretly wants to know, plus you can recommend retail products available on your website or storefront.  


Easy tips you’ll want to share with your friends

Example: 1 simple trick that will make your hair smoother and save you a boatload of time

Why it works: Who doesn’t love a good life hack? By sharing your favorite tips and tricks, you're equipping your clients for the best at home experience outside of the salon. Just make sure you can back it up with a real trick that most people don't know. These articles are fun and easy to share on social media. Because they’re so practical, they have the potential to be super popular. Prepare to go viral.


Common myths about _______

Example: 7 myths about dry hair

Why it works: If you choose a great topic, this blog post title will pull people in, because they probably believe some of the same myths. By setting the record straight, you’re providing valuation information and establishing yourself as the expert.  


What I’ve learned in my business

Example: Things I’ve learned in 6 years as a salon owner

Why it works: This is a way for you to relate to your clients on a personal level, even if you operate in different industries. Personal development is always interesting, and by sharing your experience you can help someone else. Plus, everyone loves a great story.  

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