3 Myths, Debunked

We hang out on social media every day. From time to time, we hear whispers and rumors about social media that are just simply untrue. Today we’re facing them head on and debunking three common myths. Special thanks to our Brand Strategist, Bailey Johnson, for slaying the myth dragon.


Myth: Social media is only for millennials.


Truth: According to an article from oberlo.com there are 3.2 billion social media users (42% of the world’s population!). 90% of millennials are daily social media users, but so are Gen X-ers and Baby Boomers. Over 77% of Gen X and almost half (48%) of Boomers are using social media daily. To harness the power of social media, think about your specific audience. Unless your audience is children or people above the age of 75. They’re out there on the internet!


Myth: Tons of social media posts equals more success.

Truth: Quality results in converting followers into customers, not quantity. Actually, overposting can annoy people, and you risk of getting hidden from their newsfeed altogether. A great digital marketing company like, *ahem* Larison Media, is an incredible resource for quality content creation. We can coach you in that quality/quantity conversation in a way that your business wins. Speaking from experience, quality over quantity really is most effective.


Myth: Your business needs to be on every social media platform.

Truth: One platform may not be beneficial for your brand while another may not. If your target audience is men in their 20’s, you may spend more time on Instagram than a business whose target audience is women in their 50’s, they’ll camp over on Facebook. Facebook reigns supreme, it remains the most widely used social media platform, roughly two-thirds of U.S. adults now report that they use Facebook every day. Depending on your business’ audience, you may not need to have a presence on Instagram (a younger crowd) or LinkedIn (a professional crowd). Or, you may want to have a presence on a variety of platforms, but with an intentional strategy for each.

What questions about social media do you have for us? We would love to help.