We Have One Goal:

To help your organization stay relevant in this crazy, fast-changing world.


Who We Are

We’re a company built on the idea that creativity is the biggest variable. We’re a company built on the idea that people should always come first. We’re a company that isn’t focused on the past, but on the present. We’re a company that is constantly trying to do what others say we can’t.

Some people might call us a marketing agency. Some people might call us a social media company. Some people might call us a graphic design company. Frankly, some people probably think we play on Facebook and Instagram all day. What we really are is a business creative shop that is helping our clients stay relevant in this crazy, fast-changing world.


Who We Work With

We work with people who are chasing a dream. We work with people who took a step of faith to follow their passion, people who exist to help others, people who lead.

Small businesses, non-profit organizations, and churches are the heart beat of Larison Media. We love working with leaders to custom fit their marketing needs. We’ve heard that many people wish they had more hours in their day and a few more pennies in their bank account. What if we told you have a way to help you save both of those valuable resources? We can!

We serve clients from a wide variety of industries. Since we custom fit our service to each individual client, we’re confident we can help you!


What we do



If you're a business owner and you're constantly looking for more time in your day to focus on things like marketing, this service is perfect for you. 



Are you tired of traditional advertising not getting the results it used to? Let us introduce you to the world of social media ads. It's time to get the ROI you've been looking for.


Website DESIGN

Need a website for your company? Or maybe just a refresh of your current website? Let us help your company's website look and work the way it should.


Our Work

In today’s world, an online presence isn’t optional for businesses anymore. Let’s work together and identify how your business wants to show up online. We’ll create a custom website fit to your business. We’ll work together to establish your ‘voice’ on social media.

Take a look at some of the work we’ve done for our clients.

“I’ve been exceedingly pleased with Larison Media. They have been instrumental in aligning our social media presence with our brand. The team is very proactive, and constantly in motion. I love that I don’t have to beg them for follow-up or follow through on tasks. I’d highly recommend them for guiding, assisting and/or developing your brand awareness campaign!”

- Kim T.