Triple Threat

We have something to tell you… we have a triple threat. There are three tools figuratively floating around our business creative shop here at Larison Media. These are tools that, when combined, result in exponential growth for your business. Sometimes the definition of each tool gets fuzzy. And so, we’re breaking it down.

Introducing what we fondly refer to as: our Triple Threat.


We like to think of advertising as the short-game. Great ads will boost sales and communicate something specific to your clients. Over here, we are huge fans of social media advertising. With social media advertising, you have total control. Advertising lets you get as nitty-gritty as you’d like with your target audience so you know what you’re sharing matters to them. Effective, effective, effective.


Here we have the long-game. Marketing communicates an overall idea about your business’s identity. How you communicate on the phone and in emails, what your social media accounts look like, the actual environment you create, what vibe the people who interact with you experience. These are all important elements of the long-game marketing strategy.


Last but certainly not least, your brand. How do your customers experience your business? This is the holistic experience of your small business. With strategic advertising and marketing combined, over time, branding is what people think of when they think of your business.

To walk you through what we mean about branding, think about Starbucks. As consumers, we think about certain things when we think of Starbucks, and it’s oh so much more than coffee. We think of meeting with friends on Starbucks’ patios. We think of the logo’s easily identifiable green mermaid. We think of the hours of studying we’ve done at tables their cafes. The feelings conjured up when you think of Starbucks… that is their brand. It’s more than coffee, their brand is your experience.

So, how are YOU doing?

At Larison Media, we are a company with one goal: to help you stay relevant in this crazy, fast-changing world. We believe we can serve you by giving you time back to focus on your business while we spend our days focussing on your Triple Threat: social media advertising, marketing, and branding.

We want to discover how we can help you! Let’s chat.