3 Essential Salon Social Media Strategies

If you’re a salon owner and you would love to give more attention to your online platform but your schedule is packed, all day every day, what can you do? Would you love to grow your list of clientele? How about building relationships with your clients that go beyond their appointments?

We’re here to help. Here are three things you need to be doing:

Share your expertise

All of your tips and tricks, recommendations for the best at home hair care, advice on how self-care and beauty care overlap… your clients are looking to you as the expert. You may only see them for appointments every few weeks, but there is an opportunity to engage with your clients online by providing them with valuable information that they can put into practice at home, between visits.

Show transformations


Those before and after photos? We love them! Not only are they fabulous content for the visual world of social media, they’re also a great way to showcase your technical skills. No matter if it’s a bold color transformation from blonde to blue, or the subtle change of a healthy trim, those quick pictures you take before and after appointments are a valuable tool you can use. Posting pics not only shows off your talent, it builds trust with your current clients and attracts future business. According to one of our in-house industry experts, Bailey Johnson: "Sharing the work you’ve done can truly be the determining factor of whether someone chooses a specific salon or stylist to trust with their hair. We constantly have direct messages rolling in where people screenshot a transformation that we’ve posted for a salon saying ‘I want this,’ and schedule an appointment on the spot without any kind of consultation or questions asked." Proven success.

Inspire with your values

We have a hunch you got into the beauty industry for multiple reasons. Sure, you’re uber talented, but even more than your technical skills, you care deeply about your clients as people. Not only do you serve them as a friend and confidant, you know what a new haircut can do for a person’s self-confidence. Inspiring confidence through enhancing beauty is at the heart of the beauty industry. Use your opportunity on social media to inspire your clients. Tell them why you do what you do, and why they matter to you.

Inspiring confidence through enhancing beauty is at the heart of the industry.

At Larison Media, our focus is on helping our clients stay relevant in this crazy, fast-changing world. We believe the beauty industry is uniquely positioned to grow at an exponential pace, simply by harnessing the power of social media. We have creative ideas on how to help you do just that. We would love to find out how we can serve you and take your business to the next level.