Salon Summer

Summer is the perfect time to freshen up your salon’s marketing.

Here’s the bad news: Your schedule may take a hit during the summer month, with many of your clients on vacation, but don’t worry! With the exception of tourism, every single industry takes a hit during the summer months.

Here’s the good news: It’s 2019 and through your social media platforms, you still have regular communication with your clients! Summer is a great time to stay connected.

Here are some great ways to stay on top of your salon summer marketing:

Seasonal Services

Showing off your seasonal services like sunless tanning, waxing, and highlighting is a great way to get clients engaged during the summer months. Snap a few pics and post them online with captions that share great info your clients can use at home. Most people are spending lots of time outside in the summer and they’ll love your tips and tricks to help them looking and feeling their best. Highlight (pun intended) your summer services, spill a few secrets, and you’ll see a payoff as your salon’s schedule fills up.


When you invest in your relationships online you’re investing in your salon in a powerful way. Whether it’s reaching out via DM, responding to a comment on a post, or a few emojis of approval that show your interest in them, it’s invaluable to the ongoing relationships you have with your clients. It builds trust. Trust is key with clients in any small business, but especially in a salon.

Trust is key with clients in any small business, but especially in a salon.


Yes, you read that right! Summer is a great time for you as a salon owner to take some time away and disconnect. Whether it’s a staycation or a true vacation, setting aside time to relax is vital for you as a leader. Leave the day-to-day duties to your trusted employees for a few days and set aside time for yourself too! You’ll come back refreshed and recharged, creative and inspired and ready to run your business and serve your clients as the best version of you!



From Father’s Day and Independence Day to local festivals and artisan markets to weddings and vacations, there are reasons to celebrate all summer long! Take advantage, everyone wants to look and feel their best during celebrations and they’ll be coming to you as a resource. Add value to your posts by marketing via knowledge. By offering tips on your social media platforms for things like easy updos for hot days, ways to make a sunless tan last longer, and the latest trends in pedicures, you’re elevating the value in your brand.

Larison Media specializes in helping salon owners! We would love to work with you and take your salon’s marketing to the next level.