We’re taking each of our Core Values and breaking them down.

Today we’re focussing in on:


We own our mistakes and our successes with a natural desire for repair or celebration. When our mindsets make the shift from an employee mentality to an ownership mentality, everything gets better. Here’s what we mean by that.


Employee mentality: Fits into the organizational culture.

Ownership mentality: Creates and develops the organizational culture as the company grows and changes.


Employee mentality: Wants to please their clients.

Ownership mentality: Knows their clients and wants to ‘wow’ them. If not, the business suffers.


Employee mentality: Sticks to a schedule.

Ownership mentality: Takes pride in every project, quality comes before deadlines.


Employee mentality: Thinks about tomorrow, next week, next month, next year.

Ownership mentality: Dreams and plans for 5 and 10 years out.


The distinction between the employee mentality and the owner mentality is not about who is “in charge.”. It’s about the mindset and approach. To us, ownership is the difference between blaming and fixing. At Larison Media, we own it, we collaborate, and then we get better. Maybe what we’re owning is cause for celebration, maybe what we’re owning is cause for repair. Either way, we’re owning it and moving onward and upward.

‘Ownership’ is one of our core values, so it’s a part of who we are here at Larison Media. But our core values don’t only live here in our office, they’re an integral part of how we serve our clients. We’re here to help! We work with every client to customize your content so it fits you, we take ownership in each of our clients'  businesses and work hard to make your business better.