Fit vs. Fitness

What is the best part of your small business?

Is it the incredible services or products you offer? How about your philosophy or core values? Is it your convenient location? Your team’s culture?

Those are all great things… but the best part is the people on your team! 

When it comes to the people who are a key part of your small business, there are two important parts: their “fit” within your team and their continued “fitness.” Whether a person is the right fit for your small business can be figured out, whereas their fitness can be trained and developed.

Here’s the distinction between the two:


If the employee’s fit within your team isn’t there from the onset, you will know. Fit has nothing to do with their skills and talent. In fact, they may be the best in their field, technically speaking. But if they just aren’t the right fit, they simply don’t belong on the team. You’ll know, and you’ll know early on. It may be a bad fit personality-wise, culture-wise, or work style-wise. Trust your instinct with those who fit in your team within the first few weeks. Keep in mind, your existing team is noticing your choices. Are you recruiting and retaining not only highly capable team members? But also, highly compatible team members.


It’s expected that everyone on your team needs some kind of development to improve their fitness on the team. Improving individual fitness will look different from employee to employee. For some employees, it may mean focussing on personal development. Investing in their personal growth will pay out dividends, and the chances are high, that personal growth will inspire your team at work too! For another employee,  it may be professional development. investment with the whole team or an individual to help knowledge in a specific skill. 


However, you decide to invest in your team, your attention to their ongoing attention to their fit within the team, and their fitness as they grow within the team is essential.

We would love to help with your team! We customize our services to fit your team and your needs.