Rock your website

Small businesses need to have a website. Well, unless you’re not interested in growing... you need to have a website.

Having a website is about offering value to your audience. Your website can become a resource! Think links to articles, videos, education, tips, and tricks.  And yes, your website is also a great place to share basic information. What you do, how to get in contact with you, about your staff, etc.

It’s 2019 and building a website is easier than ever: it won’t bust your budget, your online store (if you have e-commerce) is not restricted to ‘brick and mortar’ business hours, and websites are one of the best forms of free advertising.

Still unsure about having a website and how it can help your business? Keep reading for 4 reasons your small business needs a website:


Products and services get a chance to show off.

Create pages on your website that describe your services in specific detail and let your products shine with beautiful images and descriptions. Use your website as the platform to showcase how special your product or services are. Likely, your audience will spend some time doing recon on your website before they contact you, use words and images to put your best foot forward, online. 

You have the control.

You can influence the way people experience your business via your website. The images you use, the style in which you write website copy (could be very formal, very casual, or somewhere in between), and the resources you provide are all in your control. For example, a blog can be an incredible resource. It will get your mission, information and personality in front of your audience faster than any ‘hard copy’ marketing efforts. Build in links to your social media platforms, and your audience will be able to connect with you faster than ever.

Your competitors all have websites.

This is a little bit of peer pressure but it’s true! Take a look at your competitors' websites and use them as education. What do you like? What don’t you like? We can guarantee your audience will most likely be doing online research before they find you. When you know what your competition is doing, it keeps you current and you can find creative ways to set your business apart.  

Honestly, your audience expects it. 


A website makes it easy for potential and existing customers/clients/patients to find you. Be sure your website represents your brand. If you’re a country barbecue restaurant with a laid back vibe, represent exactly who you are on your website. Make sure the font, the colors, the images on your site match with your ‘brick and mortar’ environment. Many of your customers experience on your website will be their first impression of you even before they walk into your building!

Make sure your website includes information about how customers can find you, how they can contact you, and all of your information is up to date.

Need help setting up a website for your business? Larison Media creates custom websites that will fit your business and grow your brand.