Preparing Your Social Media Accounts For Future Employers

Do you remember applying for your first job? It was probably a little intimidating to walk into that restaurant or office and ask for an application, right? Today, things are a little different.

How we apply for jobs and hire employees has changed. So much of the hiring process is done online or over the phone. Some companies even hire entirely through Facebook! We love the way that technology has helped shape the business world and we love that businesses are taking advantage of the internet to make hiring an easier process for everyone.

Online hiring allows business owners to reach potential hires that may have never otherwise known they existed. It’s allowed for more qualified applicants to find jobs in the fields they want to work in and its helped business owners weed out potential hires that they’d regret.

We’ve compiled 3 tips to help you impress your next potential employer:

1. Clean up your Instagram

Social media has a bigger impact on hiring than you’d think. Yes, we know it’s your "personal" account, but if you aren’t private you’ve given everyone the right to see what you post - including potential employers. You had fun in college, we get it! But those bar pictures of you throwing back another round of shots or those photos of you and your friends out at the club, they’re probably not going to be super impressive to your potential boss.

2. Facebook rants? Next.

The same rules that apply for Instagram apply on Facebook too, with a few additions. That rant you went on about your family two weeks ago? It’s a red flag for potential employers. Needing to vent is totally understandable - when it’s done in the appropriate places (hint: Facebook isn’t one of them). If your potential employer sees that you like to complain about your personal life on the internet, they’ll probably assume you’d do the same about work.

3. Build a good resume

Creating a good resume can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be! Several websites have templates to help you get started. There are three basic rules that always apply when building your resume:

  1. Use a font and color that is legible (and no Comic Sans, please)

  2. Triple check for spelling errors

  3. Make sure your information is updated (don’t miss out on potential interviews because your cell phone number isn’t current!)

Our suggestion? Make your resume unique. Ditch the Microsoft Word document and get creative!These are just the basics but we wanted to share them because at Larison Media, we’re passionate about helping people and businesses get better.

Do you have any other tips? Leave them in the comments below!