“My personality is humongous.” -Cardi B


Using social media platforms to showcase your personality is fun. Content on social media literally changes every second of the day, so adding posts that show your brand’s personality is a great way to stand out and connect with your followers. Sure, you want to keep the majority of your posts professional and business focused. But adding a few fun posts into your content strategy can set you apart from your competition.


Personality isn’t something that can be duplicated – it’s unique to who you are. Your personality is a way to stand out and to give your followers a reason to pick you over everyone else.


You can shift a boring social media platform into a brand with some spunk by sharing content that reflects who you are. Memes, gifs, or short and sweet videos can help connect you to your audience so they know who you really are, beyond your business. A word of caution here- there is a healthy mix of being professional and appropriately fun. Posting anything offensive, political, or controversial is never funny. It’s important to think through this carefully. What may be funny to you, could potentially offend someone. The purpose of your business’ social media platform should be informative and interactive. Never hurtful or offensive. Keep things light-hearted and fun.


Pro tip: you can never go wrong with pictures of puppies. We’re speaking from experience. Our office dog, Kinley, is a social media legend.


When your audience is connecting with you on a new level, they’ll be much more comfortable in committing the desired action – whether it’s by clicking on a link, making a purchase, booking a service,  or trusting your advice.

With millions of businesses online, it’s very difficult to find a niche that's truly unique. So, this means there is healthy competition out there. You can set your business apart by peppering your posts with your own individual personality.

Want to add some personality to your social media platforms? We’re here to help! We work with every client to customize your content so it fits you. We want to help you take your business to the next level.