We’re taking each of our Core Values and breaking them down. Last but not least, Initiative.

We take initiative with tasks every single day. With our clients, with our personal goals, with the growth of Larison Media, we’re taking initiative regularly for growth’s sake.

Having initiative at the core of who we are as a team is about the approach we take with our work and how we serve our clients. We take the lead when it comes to question-asking, problem-solving, and communicating. We believe serving our clients with excellence is the top priority. And so, taking initiative with new projects, new ideas, and creative content is important to who we are. We are our clients’ outsourced marketing department, but we never want our clients to feel like we’re far away. We’re ready and waiting. Well actually, we’ve probably already called or emailed you to find the answer or chat through an idea with you. 

We believe serving our clients with excellence is the top priority.

As we’re continually learning, we take the initiative to incorporate new components into the thing we do every day and that makes the service we offer our clients excellent. From our first contact with clients to the initial meeting, on-boarding, and the ongoing working relationship, we are confident that we are the ones leading the process and taking the initiative in the service we offer. That service coupled with the quality of our customized content is something that sets us apart.

We looked up the definition of initiative. defines initiative as “an introductory act or step; leading action.”  That is exactly what we bring to the table with our team as we work together. It also reinforces how we serve our clients. When we’re working with a client, we want them to know they can trust us completely to deliver the services they’re looking for (and we work to exceed those expectations!). We will lead the way by taking the initiative with the projects we’re working on.

‘Initiate’ is one of our core values, and it’s a part of how we work day to day here at Larison Media. But our core values don’t only live here in our office, they’re an integral part of how we serve our clients. We’re proud to say we take initiative with our clients because we’re here to help! We work with every client to customize your content so it fits you, and makes your business better.