Hey Entrepreneurs – We’re Celebrating YOU This Week

This is National Small Business Week, so we are setting aside time to honor you, small business owners. At Larison Media, we exist to serve small businesses, so it would be remiss if we didn’t say: We see you, entrepreneurs. You’re hustling, you’re sacrificing, you’re growing. You have that rare combination of vision and passion that makes your business succeed.

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Here is why we’re celebrating you this week:

You have a WHY

You have a WHY that your small business is built on, and that matters to us. Maybe your WHY is deeply personal, maybe your WHY is totally practical, maybe your WHY is just for fun. There is no right or wrong WHY. Likely, there are many reasons WHY your business was born, but ultimately, it is this: you discovered a niche and took action to be the one to fill it!

You are creative

You have a dream for your business and you’re making it happen. Your creative idea is now a reality and your customers and clients are benefiting from your expertise. You’ve created a place where employees can come to work and contribute to your creative vision. Entrepreneurs- your creativity makes the world a better place.

You are invested

You’re personally invested in the success of your small business. The community you live in, the customers and clients you serve… they matter to you. They’re your friends and neighbors, and they trust you.

The product you offer? The service you provide? We hope you are the go-to in your community to meet those needs. The small business you’re building is viewed as a resource in your community, and that is something to be proud of.

Way to go, entrepreneurs. We applaud you. Keep up the good work. We can’t imagine our communities without you.

Want to know why we’re so excited about entrepreneurs and their small businesses? We’re a small business too. And we exist to serve you! We are a business creative shop that’s helping you stay relevant in this crazy, fast-changing world. We want to discover how we can help you, let’s chat.