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Do you feel like you’re on a treadmill? You’re running hard towards your goals, but you’re not really getting anywhere. Maybe it’s time to refocus on your goals and define what success really means to you. What does success mean to you? How do you define your personal success? How about success for your small business?

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Beyond the Appointment

Salon owners are a special type of entrepreneur. It’s true you’re in the beauty industry. But as you well know, your salon isn’t just a salon. For your clients, It’s a safe place, it’s a relaxation destination, for some, it’s a counseling office! Your business is so much more than beauty services, it’s a connection building, confidence building force to be reckoned with. How do you maintain relationships with your clients that go beyond their appointments? 

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Rock your website

Small businesses need to have a website. Well, unless you’re not interested in growing... you need to have a website.

It’s 2019 and building a website is easier than ever: it won’t bust your budget, your online store (if you have e-commerce) is not restricted to ‘brick and mortar’ business hours, and websites are one of the best forms of free advertising.

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Having confidence at the core of who we are as a team is about the approach we take with our work and how we serve our clients. As we’re continually learning, we have the confidence that what we offer our clients is excellent. From our first contact with clients to the initial meeting, on boarding, and the ongoing working relationship, we are confident that the service we offer and the quality of our customized content is something that sets us apart.

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Salon Summer

Here’s the bad news: Your schedule may take a hit during the summer month, with many of your clients on vacation, but don’t worry! With the exception of tourism, every single industry takes a hit during the summer months.

Here’s the good news: It’s 2019 and through your social media platforms, you still have regular communication with your clients! Summer is a great time to stay connected.

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3 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs To Hire A Digital Marketing Agency

We find that the first question most people ask when they begin looking into our services is “How does this work?”

In today’s world many companies are choosing to work with outside agencies to save resources, such as money and time, and to get professional help from knowledgeable partners who can help them build a better business.

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Preparing Your Social Media Accounts For Future Employers

How we apply for jobs and hire employees has changed. So much of the hiring process is done online or over the phone. Some companies even hire entirely through Facebook! We love the way that technology has helped shape the business world and we love that businesses are taking advantage of the internet to make hiring an easier process for everyone.

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