3 Ways To Gain Instagram Followers For Your Small Business

You might already know that Instagram is a growing platform that lets users and businesses expand their brand. For businesses especially, it's a way to humanize your brand and generate new business.

But here's the deal: Unless you're a Kardashian, it's really hard to gain a huge following on Instagram without some hard work. For the average person or business, growing your following takes time and attention.

Lucky for you we have created 3 tips to help your small business's Instagram page gain followers like a Kardashian. OK, maybe not quite like that but they are still great tips.

Hashtags are everything

Hashtags are a great way to find users that might be interested in what you are saying, or in this case showing. If you're a restaurant, use hashtags like #Instafood or #foodie. People that love food photos will be looking at these hashtags and will engage with your content. You can pretty much find any hashtag for any industry to research on Instagram.

Good photos aren't good enough

Ask yourself this question, when is the last time you "liked" an average Instagram photo? The answer is never. When you're putting Instagram content out into the world you need to make sure that you ask yourself if you would like the image if you were in the shoes of the user. If the answer is yes, fire away! Good photos aren't good enough. Make sure they are GREAT.

Don't just post, engage!

Like we suggest with every social media platform, it's important to not forget to be SOCIAL! If someone leaves a comment on your photos, make sure to comment back and start a conversation. Their comment is the equivalent of that user calling your business. Answer the phone in the comment section!

So give it a shot! Create an Instagram profile for your business and start sharing some beautiful photos!

If you or your company need anymore help with your Instagram account please let us know! We would love to help in anyway!